Amla extract is a plant substance famous for its medicinal effect. It is a herbal product t used for Ayurveda treatment. Many researches are conducted in the west also to explore the real medicinal qualities of amla. You will be surprised to know that the little herb has the quality to act like an antioxidant to slowing down the ageing process. It has the qualities to safeguard against ulcer. It is good to treat the people with diabetes issue. It enhances your memory power and boosts the mental health condition. It has great anti-inflammatory advantages for our body.

Research & Study:

Many tests and studies are conducted on animal to evaluate the medicinal effect of the product. A rodent research made it clear that Amla is good to be used as an antioxidant for curing the health conditions like reducing blood sugar level, managing high cholesterol, improving memory and holding up the growth of diabetic cataract in rats.

Many health experts recommend Amla extract to treat numerous chronic conditions like high blood sugar level.  Amla is an edible fruit famous, as it is a great source of vitamin C component.

Now European Medical Study are tried hard to know whether Amla is helpful for blood-clot medications and they surprised to see that it prevents the blood clots very well. In fact, a regular intake of this can eliminate the need of taking any other medication.

Healthful Effects of Amla:

Amla is rich in vitamin C. Our body needs vitamin C for many tasks. However lots of people are there who are allergic to orange juice, for them Amla can act as a substitute to compensate vitamin C requirement.

Use of Amla is found to be effective in checking high fructose diet-induced insulin resistance as well as atherogenic dyslipidemic profile for treating Menopause symptoms in female. Amla is good to reduce the blood cholesterol level and keeping it in control. It can be treated as a prevention of atherosclerosis.

Further the Amla extract have some medicinal effect to treat cervical cancer cells. It is good to control diabetes through the use of this. It plays a significant role in reducing the oxidation damage from high blood sugar and thus helps in managing the sugar level in control.