With the growing population and increasing demand for food, the need for producing more is quite essential to feed the society.  Only mere feeding to the society is not the today’s aim. Our vital agenda is to feed the society with health and hygiene,  food and keep them fit and active. Increased demand for food can also trigger more application of harmful steroid, toxins, antibiotic and pesticides in the agricultural land which affects human lives adversely by consuming that food.

Our Recent Food Agenda:

Now-a-days the trend of eating food is much more depending on processed food only. Due to lack of time in today’s busy world, people prefer to have processed food and packed food over raw and organic food. Processed food readily available in the market to cater your need is quite simple and time saving also as they are all in readiness to eat packets. But do you have any idea that how much it is affecting our health and lifestyle. Many of the food borne diseases are caused by having those non-hygienic processed food with chemicals and other components added to keep it fresh artificially. However, many of us are not quite educated to select appropriate processed food by knowing their manufacturing date, Usage time, method and nutritional values, etc. If you compare any processed food with some organic and raw food, you may come to know the nutritional value differences and also differences in its freshness. Food processing includes heating, chopping, filtering, chemical additions, etc. Processed food also needs careful handling and appropriate packing. Even a small leak on the vacuum packed food packet can be dangerous for your health. The nutrients lost in this process depend on its method of processing.

Measures To Be Taken:

Many regulatory agencies are doing their research for understanding the hazards associated with the main type of food and remedies to prevent the bacteria formation which generally cause food borne illness. They are also conducting various training programs for food safety awareness among the public at large like in-house training in groups, public class or through correspondence at web platform also.

All these measures together can keep you away from food borne illness starting from a safe cultivation process  like pest control, safe handling, storing, displaying to customer to personal cleanliness like hygiene, proper serving of food, hand washing, etc.