Avoid the regular consumption of processed food as these foods have many drawbacks. Growth and development can be hampered at adolescent due to the consumption of junk and processed food.

Bad Effects of Junk Food:

Your IQ score may get affected by the artificial ingredients present in it. You may face the issues of poor vision, lack of concentration in study, obesity at an early age, unusual growth, loss of memory and many more diseases. So try to be fed fresh and organic food to meet your proper nutritional requirement specially at their stage of development. Milk and other food rich in multivitamins and calcium will help you definitely.

Women are also suggested to avoid processed food and to switch over to raw food and organic green food. Many hormones related diseases in women caused due to toxins and fats present in fast food and junk food items. Besides, many misleading advertisements, one should know that most processed foods have less nutritional value as compared to fresh food. For example, a canned orange juice has less vitamin-C contents than a fresh orange itself.

Food to be Advised:

It is also highly advisable to eat organic food only if possible. As organic foods are cultivated with zero application of harmful chemical and pesticide in the agricultural land.

Food is a substance that is submitted into the stomach to repair the loss of energy. How can we know, whether a particular food is good or bad for us. make sure the food you are picking are safe and hygiene.

In today’s world, many health experts suggest to have organic fruits and vegetables than traditional food. To avoid less potential health risk and to minimise food borne illness, people should be aware of the safe and unsafe food first. The biggest enemy of the human body is junk food and fake/ processed food. Food which is readily available in the market may save your time and energy, but may cause you serious illness with continued consumption with the passage of time.