Laetrile otherwise known as amygdalin(vitamin B17) is a substance present in natural food like in the fruits and vegetables especially in apricot pits as well as in bitter almonds. The main chief ingredient found in laetrile compound is cyanide that is not less than a potentially lethal toxin substance.


At first Russian doctors discovered the use of amygdalin(vitamin B17) in curing the serious diseases like cancer. It is tried for cancer patients in the years of 1980 in National Cancer Institute, they find patients feel better and it help them in curing the disease.


It has been seen that proper doses of laetrile may facilitate to relieve the acute pain of cancer. The cancer cell consists of huge quantities of the enzyme like beta-glucosidase. While this enzyme breaks amygdalin intake and discharge cyanide, one type of toxic substance that can be helpful in killing cancer cells.

Proper doses of Laetrile is given to the required cancer patients as an orally or sometimes in the form of an injection or often intravenously.

Side Effects:

The side effects vary from the person to person based on how the laetrile is administered. The toxin element present in that is cyanide which will be expected more if taken in the form of pills. If the body cannot resist with the intake of this element then it will show the reacting symptoms like vomiting, nausea, dizziness, headache, and liver damage.


A study proved a sever poisoning of cyanide after of ingestion of laetrile to an old woman of 68 years. She was admitted with an intake of 3 grams of amygdalin and 4.8 grams of vitamin C. The poisoning effect increased due to the intake of Vitamin C. However Vitamin C is said to boost up the conversion pace of amygdalin to the toxin cyanide in the human body. It is also assist in treating in lowering the amount of the cysteine component, helpful to detoxify cyanide.

Research shows that more than one hundred seventy-eight patients having cancer successfully treated with amygdalin or Laetrile with a full therapy program consisting of diet, enzymes, and vitamins. Though it is a toxic drug and may be hazardous to human life but can be used to treat cancer if taken in appropriate doses.