Before picking up something to eat, first clarify yourself whether it is safe for you to eat. Most of the foods in today’s world get worsen considerably. It is always suggested to give more priority to organic and fresh food rather than eating industrial processed food. There are countless harmful factors for which people avoid processed food and prefer to take fresh vegetables and raw food. The word Processed sometimes create confusion in our mind.

Unsafe Processed Food:

These processed foods are also treated as slow poison which slowly kills human body and brain. they are more tasty and attractive. For this hyper rewarding nature of processed food many people can become addicted to this and lose their control over it completely. Carbohydrate is the main source of energy which we get from fresh and raw food. However, the processed foods have refined carbohydrates, which adversely affect our body. Most of the processed foods are low in nutrients as synthetic nutrients are NOT a good replacement of the nutrients found in whole foods.

Health Hazards of Processed Food:

There is difference in between mechanical processing and chemical processing. In case of mechanical processing, it is a real food with no added chemicals. In chemical processing artificial ingredients have added to the food which cause a bad impact on our health.

In addition to that, all these foods have harmful toxins, pesticides, artificial colouring agents, sulfites, trans-fat and other unapproved additives which may cause health hazards to human body, especially for children. Children can easily be tempted to taste, but junk foods which results in lower IQ score, lack of concentration, obesity and many more diseases among themselves.

Not only the unsafe food,  but also the unsafe practices can also lead to illness. We all have to follow good food habit with healthy and safe food to make a fit and strong developed nation as there is nothing more important than your life.