The entire food processing industry is based on the injurious industrial fats and oils, feebly  extracted from the seeds like corn and soybeans. The seeds have to undergo through some terrible procedure to make clean cooking oils. The horrendous process includes bleaching, de-gumming, deodorizing, filtering and removing saturates in order to  make the oils more liquid.

Method of Processing:

To extract a solid fat from the liquid abstract most manufacturers allow the oils to go through a process of partial hydrogenation. Here the seeds are processed under high temperature and pressure to get a solid fat out of it. Then the remaining portion is removed with hexane solvents. Further, it is steamed to reach a clean liquefied state. But unfortunately, the process removes all the necessary vitamins and the antioxidants from the oil. The clean oil is now ready with all the pesticides with it.

Then it comes to the bleaching process where some artificial flavours along with the synthetic vitamins are added to the oil to get rid of the gray colour and to make it, clean solution.

The Health Hazards:

There will be a greater risk of the dangerous disease like cancer, degeneration of joints and tendons due to the intake of these trans fatty acids.  Every bit of the shortenings, margarine and the low-trans-fat spreads are made of the destructive ingredients, which is hazardous to the human body. Most restaurants use these oils and fats for cooking fries. Moreover, these oils and fats are nicely used in crackers and chips also.

Generally people find it easy to have processed food, usually comes in the packages in cans, boxes or bags. But the most miserable thing is that they are still unaware of the repercussion of having such chemical ingredients. These foods have gone through various unhealthy procedures and processed extensively to be edible. Thus nothing on the planet is more hazardous than what it does. The consequences are sometimes pretty much dangerous like some serious lifelong disease life heart problem, diabetic or sometimes other serious health issues.